The Mukticycle

Think of this as the Muktarium's Salute to the Sun.  It's a progression of Yogging practices that will give your cells and neural pathways a daily dose of Freedom.

Mukti.  Mukti.  Mukti. 

We understand you

Fundamentally, we see you. Not everyone has come here. You have. For that we are genuinely thankful. We understand the needs of the people who come here. And that's where our relationship begins. See for yourself.

Imagine I am speaking to you.  Respond as I talk, if it feels right.  See what happens.

A New Start for the Muktarium

Mukti and welcome.

To our many Friends on the Pathway to Ultimate Freedom, (FOTPUFs) We look forward to bringing you a better Muktarium experience.

Our new website is furnished with a wealth of insights and information.  Daele has entered a new door, in this New Age of Social Media (NAoSM), and a Muktarium website is in construction and already open to the public.

Yes.  You can join us putting the last pieces of comfortable furniture into place.  We'd love your comments.  We'll be Balancing Purity and Motion, so forgive us if we make the last call on what goes in, after all, we're all going to have to live with it.  But your input will be welcome.  Send us an email from the Contact Us page.

As is always the case with the Muktarium, insights and practices are owned by the Universe, and therefore we rest on the foundation of the Law of Exchange in announcing that the Muktarium will not charge for access to Daele's connection.    Yes.  It is, as it always was.  Free.

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The Muktarium Team

Connecting the Dots

There is a body of evidence called admissible scientific data that has proven all things (space, time, matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies, intergalactic space and “beyond”) are contained in what we call the Universe.

The Universe as observed for centuries by multiple scientific disciplines (physics, geometry, mathematics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, astrology, neuroscience, physiology, biology, psychiatry, sociology, paleontology, meteorology, pharmacology etc.) operate according to a body of principles or laws. 
Humans are comprised of particles and energy like other objects in the Universe.  Therefore, humans, human behavior and human life outcomes must also be responsible to the laws of the Universe.   Just like circumnavigating society is easier when you understand how the laws work, circumnavigating the Universe (or living your life) is easier when you understand how the laws work. 

Scientific and academic disciplines, events, and objects present categorically according to a set of scientific principles known as taxonomy.  Again this is about the order and science of the Universe, i.e., the truths of biology are measurable and observable on a biological or cellular level, astrophysics on a celestial or astronomical level, sociology at the societal level etc.  Evolutionary phylum’s and species are a great example of taxonomy at work, e.g. reptiles, mammals, amphibians etc. 
Therefore there must be an organizational taxon for approaching thought and behavior according to the principles of the Universe.  There is, and basically it can be divided into five areas: Motion, Exchange, Purity, Balance, and Symmetry. 

The following posts will expand of the manifestation of these laws at all levcels of existence.

The Human Brain and The Human Mind


When asked about his boxing strategy, Muhammad Ali said, “kill the head and the ass will die.”  Although most neuroscientists would not necessarily articulate that truth like that, Ali was right on the money.  The human brain is the most important organ.  Since this discussion is about humans, we should start with the brain.  

 The human brain and the human mind are not the same.  The human brain is part of a visible, physically tangible world known as the human body. Most human brains weigh 3-pounds or less. The external contour of this 3-pound organ is extremely folded and convoluted. Neuroscientists refer to these convolutions as gyri and sulci.  

Aesthetically speaking, the surface of the human brain is ugly, at best.  However, while these convolutions may not be pretty, they vastly increase the brain’s surface area, subsequently increasing the number of possible connections between brain cells, and thereby increasing its computing power.  Microscopic examination of the brain has revealed that the brain’s 100 billion cells make approximately 60 trillion connections (synapses) with other brain cells.  These synapses weave an intricate tapestry of living, brain-cell fibers creating a rich and complex communications network called the human brain.  

Conversely, the human mind is part of the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination.  The human brain is the physical organ most associated with the human mind and human consciousness, but the human mind is not confined to the human brain. Intelligence in the human mind permeates every cell of the human body, not just brain cells. It also extends to the environment and the Universe.  Consequently, the human mind has tremendous power over all human bodily systems and is dynamically engaged in most enterprises in the Universe’s commerce. This level of engagement thereby makes the mind a fundamental currency in the Universe’s economy.  

Take a moment to sit with this thought process and allow it to change your world view.  Could it be that the mind/body connection is not merely the plaything of the perennial hippie? Is it possible that attention could be just as influential as many of the drugs that people use to stimulate or dull the cells of the body?  Before surety is possibility.


Science: The Search for Truth

This is an early sextant, used by sea captains to help them know where they were and where they were heading.

The Mayan Calendar gave pre-Columbian Mesoamericans a sense of where they were in time.

This is but part of the magnificent Jantar Mantar, a collection of astronomical instruments in the form of majestic architectural structures, built in the 18th century by a visionary Maharaja.  It is a cousin of Stonehenge, hewn on a different continent and built with more evolved knowledge and instruments. 

Such tools and buildings exist because there is an observable and measurable Order to the Universe that can be replicated. They were created to feed an insatiable desire to learn, to understand and to know.  When something is observable, measurable and replicable it is admissible to the body of scientific evidence because it is in accordance with the principles or Laws of science.  Astronomers, astrologers, astrophysicists, biologists, chemists, economists, farmers, housewives, geologists, meteorologists, sociologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, physicians, etc. etc. etc., have all observed a distinct measurable and replicable Order existing in various forms throughout the Universe that is responsible to a set of principles or Laws. 

Therefore, by the existence of Order, there are Laws.  In this context, Laws do not exist because they have been legislated or agreed upon.  This is not a moral argument.  We are not talking about justice or fairness.   Laws exist to help us understand and interact with the Order that is.  Laws help us to appreciate and work constructively with the building blocks of Order.

Physics, which comes from the ancient Greek “physis” for nature, is the study of matter and its Motion through space and time along with adjacent concerns such as energy and force.   In other words, physics is analyzing nature in Order to better understand the Laws of the Universe.  Thus, the next posts in this train of thought will rely on the Laws of physics.


Even when early scientists peered “through a glass darkly” and saw the earth as being the center of the Universe they knew that the Universe was the sum whole of everything. Everything included space, time, matter, energy, planets, stars, galaxies, intergalactic space and “beyond”.   According to the archeological evidence (e.g. hieroglyphics) the ancients worshiped the sun. In worshiping the sun they observed that sun had a distinct motion, i.e., it moved about the sky in a distinctive fashion as opposed to randomly.  There is a preponderance of archeological and historical data substantiating this.  There is also an ample literature confirming that the ancients made the same observations about the moon.  

Later, when humans began to sail the seas they discovered that the moon had an effect on the tides.  From these observations humans were able to build essential early tools, such as the sundial, sextant, calendar, etc. This would not have happened if the Universe behaved randomly.   Think about it.  If the sun was like a teenager, and got up whenever it wanted, stayed up longer than it should, or didn’t get up at all, sundials and calendars would be useless.    What if the invisible, geometric meridians of our Planet’s geomagnetic field did not exist?  Compasses wouldn’t exist because they would serve no purpose.  It is as simple as that.  However, there are calendars, sextants and compasses.  That is certain.  

There is Order, and while there is dynamism, ebb and flow, within this order, there is a rhythm; a truly Universal beat with which we can be in sync, or not; wholly or partially.

Welcome to the Muktarian blog.  We invite you to join us in a discussion aimed at learning to recognize the Order that exists in the Universe and the Laws that are manifest at all levels, from subatomic particles to galaxies and beyond; from theories of how the experience of life is constructed, to practices that will shape your body and mind to live a life of freedom, power, love and happiness.  

Mukti means Freedom.  Subscribe to our blog and we will help free your mind, body and spirit.